Thursday, May 03, 2007

Government Conspiracies, Real and Imagined

None of my previous posts are intended to deny the existence of real conspiracies. But the difference between real and imaginary conspiracies is that real conspiracies cannot help but create evidence. September 11 conspiracy theorists set out to poke holes in the "official" version of events. But not only do their own scenarios leave holes large enough to fly a 767 through, conspiracy theorists offer no positive evidence in favor of their proposed versions of events.

Consider the government's conspiracy to establish "black sites" (secret prisons) and practice "extraordinary rendition." These actions created evidence that simply could not be made to go away. This evidence included accounts by surviving victims, witnesses mysterious plane flights among different suspicious sites, and witnesses who saw handcuffed and hooded prisoners taken onto the planes. Sharp investigative reporters with the Washington Post were able to trace one such plane through its numerous stops, and to determine that the corporation said to own the plane and all corporate directors where shams.

Compare this to "no-planes" conspiracy theorists. Unlike the planes used in extraordinary renditions, neither the diverted planes, the drone substitutes nor cruise missile has created any flight record or been observed taking off or landing at any airport or landing field. Extraordinary rendition flights, despite all attempts at secrecy, cannot be concealed. 9/11 decoy flights are apparently invisible ghosts.

Granted, some conspiracy theorists accept that the planes hit their targets. But what of the explosives used to bring down the towers? When Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma City federal building, government investigators were able to trace where he purchased and stored the fertilizer used to make the bomb. So where did the explosives used to bring down the WTC come from? What demolitions company had unaccounted explosives mysteriously disappear? Or had crews sent off on mysterious, unknown missions? Why did not one person notice strange maintenance work going on at three towers simultaneously? And just how many people were involved, for how long, transporting what quantity of explosive? Without arousing any sort of suspicion?

And there are countless other alleged events that should have left some sort of evidence. If the planes were flown by remote control, how was the remote control installed? Who operated it, and from where? If the telephone calls were faked, what evidence is there from flight records that someone was stalking crew members and regular passengers? And if there was a "war room" faking the calls, shouldn't that fact show up in telephone records? The more elaborate one's conspiracy theory, the more people involved and the more evidence it should have created. So why didn't it?

And finally, this link should be good for a laugh as it attempts identify all the conpsirators involved. The following are only a few of them:
  • Everyone responsible for planting evidence in the hijackers cars, bags and so on
  • Everyone responsible for planting evidence in the WTC wreckage (passports etc), or removing it (WTC black boxes)
  • Air Traffic Control and flight schedulers at the takeoff airports (to cope with the double flights), and to make sure they didn't follow procedure in reporting the hijackings promptly
  • Whoever prepared the "special" planes swapped for the real flights, complete with "missile pod" for firing into the towers just before impact, and the ATC and Norad staff who didn't mention the swap
  • Norad and senior officers working at the day (so they could lie about the war games and their lack of response)
  • Fighter pilots who deliberately flew too slowly so they wouldn't reach the aircraft in time
  • Whoever shot down Flight 93, and the senior officers who helped cover it up
  • Everyone who researched the passengers, then all the actors who used that research to make fake mobile calls to their relatives, and either the phone company or the FBI for covering up the phone records
  • Everyone involved in killing hundreds of passengers, assuming they didn't die in the crashes and were killed later
  • Everyone involved in transporting their bodies to the various scenes if they did, or faking the DNA evidence if they didn't
  • The people who researched the WTC to find out the best place to place explosives
  • The people who planted the explosives through the WTC towers and WTC7
  • Whoever detonated the WTC explosives at various different times of the day

The author concludes by recommending:

If you discuss 9/11 conspiracies online anywhere, try keeping your own list,and add to it everyone someone implies that another person or group was “in on it”. Then produce the list after a month or two and see just how realistic it looks...

My recommendation: Read the entire link.



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