Saturday, October 27, 2007

Five Minutes of Fame that No One Knows About

Okay, I now have had my five minutes of blogospheric fame, but no one knows about it.

It all began with John Cole of the blog Balloon Juice, posting his disgust at the Republican Presidential debate with all the candidates competing to show their love of torture (to stop terrorist attacks, of course). In the comments section Sirkowski a/ka/ Miss Dynamite proposed to ask the Republicans, "Would you have sex with a man if that would stop a terrorist attack?" Our host loved it and followed up with a post asking his readers for the most offensive questions we could think of to ask at the next debate. (One of my favorites: "Would you say something nice about Hillary Clinton to stop a terrorist attack?") I proposed two questions, first, "If you had a time machine, would you travel back in time and abort Bin Laden?" Then, after reading another poster ask if they would torture and kill Jesus to stop a terrorist attack, I asked, "Would you torture and kill Jesus to ensure the salvation of mankind? And how does that work?" (Yes, I know, that one really went too far).

Our host chose his favorites, including the sex with a man, if cutting taxes raises revenues, would cutting tax rates to zero make revenues infinite, and both of my questions! That post generated many links, the most prominent being Andrew Sullivan. (His comment: "Just beat Jesus repeatedly and put him in a stress-position for several hours. That's not torture, according to John Yoo. Oh, wait ..."). Andrew Sullivan has now appeared on HBO with Bill Maher. Maher aked Sullivan about "his" questions, especially liked the ones about aborting Bin Laden and sex with a man.

So now (along with Miss Dynamite and one other) I am a ghost writer for John Cole, who is ghost writer for Andrew Sullivan. Like all ghost writers, we remain hidden in the shadows. I must confess, however, that the idea of traveling back in time and aborting Bin Laden did not originate with me. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I heard it, so this ghost writer of a ghost writer cannot give credit to the true original source.


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